May 4, 2012

Can you teach a 3 year old Labrador to be a gun dog? if so how?

Question by : Can you teach a 3 year old Labrador to be a gun dog? if so how?
I am thinking about getting my dog involved into a “sport” that some people don’t approve of, But I know for a fact he will excel at it. I wanted to get my labrador Hunter trained to be a hunting dog, one that can retrieve game such as duck, geese and quail. I have never hunted feathered game but to be prepared I’d like my dog to be trained for it. I have introduced him to some gun sounds, only on the computer. He had a wonderful response, Absolutely no movement, The speaker was right next to him and he just looked at me like “that was it?!?!” I have no idea where I should take him to get him trained. I have looked pretty much everywhere I even contacted the trainer that helped John Grogan with his lab Gracie. She told me that I should contact a labrador club in my area, Lucky for me there is only one :\ They don’t even help you train the dogs. They give you tips. But that’s pretty much it.

Extra Information: Hunter is pretty much trained, He is very eager to follow my commands, he retrieves objects to me, His prey drive is strong. He also has a soft mouth he can hold very soft objects in his mouth without causing any harm. Hunter is trained to put objects in his mouth with the command “carry” and will not drop that item out of his mouth unless he was instructed to.

I would really like some help with training him to be a hunting dog, If anybody knows of any trainers in Arizona I can contact or if you can help me it will be greatly appreciated.


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Answer by Erika USAF Mom
Yes you can teach a 3 year old Lab to be a gun dog – PROVIDED he has the temperment to be around loud guns and retrieve.

A simple google search for gun dog clubs or hunting dog clubs in AZ will yield some gun dog clubs in Az. Remember – you don’t need to go to a breed specific club – you can put your lab in training with other breeds.

Good luck! Another sport that my lab and I enjoy is Dockdogs – so if you cannot find the Gun Dog club or your dog isn’t suited for it – Dockdogs are A LOT of fun.

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