Hunting Dog Training

GUNDOG TRAINING It’s a dogs life at Christmas at Corleone Gundogs

Yes we are open all hours 365 DAYS a week . When you love your your way of life it becomes a way of life .

Mako & Bolin Under Cover Mission : Hunting Dogs [Blu-ray]

" I'm an X-United Force Operative named Tin Tin "

Revealed: Why Conor McGregor is hunting for Khloe Kardashian in Malibu

Revealed: Why Conor McGregor is hunting for Khloe Kardashian in MalibuMcGregor has gone on a tour of the California coast in search of some Kardashian flesh.

Pan of duck blind to frozen boat ramp

Belle the Labrador Retriever Gundog Training – Tessleymoor Gundogs

Belle the young Labrador on a distance memory retrieve through and down a ditch with a perfect delivery.

Players hunting on Cristiano Ronaldo | Brutal fouls

GUNDOG TRAINING A clients Corleone bitch on a refresher course

This bitch has been with the client for 4 years ,She is in to sharpen up the training that has become sloppy . Good hunting bitch he shoots over most weeks in the shooting season .

Helicopter hunting in New Zealand

MOVIE. A bit of heli hunting deer in the north n south islands of New Zealand,,,,,not just all blood n guts shooting, some scenic footage and ground hunting, netgun etc. Pilots .... Ken Hutchins, Barry Guise, Alex Loughlin, Brent Lithgow, Pete Law, Simon Lawn? Mark Shealton, Ray Worters + 2 or ... Read More

How to pronounce duckblind

How to pronounce the word duckblind. Subscribe for more pronunciation videos.

GUNDOG TRAINING Taking back control at the right time

These clients are fantastic .Because they are willing to help others ,who are struggling by letting you see there problems they have .This is real honesty and I will be forever grateful.

How to hunt a wild boar! Hunting for wild boar in the wild!

So Funny – Dog hunting fly

Dog "Blekie" hunting stupid fly

GUNDOG TRAINING The pet people try to come into our world and say we have no idea

A great example of a out of control dog with it's loving owner .food aggression ,people aggression

Molly – Positive Gun Dog Training- 2 10 17

Molly is a 12 month German Short Hair Pointer being trained for Upland Bird Hunting. During her evaluation she demonstrated a strong prey drive and appeared bold and confident. Positive Reinforcement Training is being applied to establish Steady to Wing, Shot, Fall of Bird and Retrieve to Hand ... Read More

Hunting Dogs Describes In A Practical Manner The Training, Handling, Treatment, Breeds | Ebook

Get your free audio book: Originally published in 1909. The book describes in a practical manner the training, handling, treatment, breeds, etc best adapted for night hunting as well as gun dogs for daylight sport. The illustrated contents include: Hunting Dogs Breed... Read More

GUNDOG TRAINING Some young dogs struggle with wet birds

Don't make to much of a young dog putting wet birds down instead of delivering straight to hand .

Channel Update From the Duckblind: Where I’ve been/new duck gun

HI Y'all! I'm back again with some more content. And I bet you thought I was dead. Just talking about what has kept me away from the channel and my new duck gun, a Benelli Vinci. Enjoy, and as always, God Bless and Keep your powder Dry. -Drale

GUNDOG TRAINING Don’t always believe what people tell you

I trusted true Gundog people to view my videos and come up with their decision to then make true judgment . I thank you all Lets get back to training the wonderful dogs we own and love .

Teetar hunting in karak pakistan (black of teetar)

teetar hunting in karak pakistan (black of teetar)

HARE HUNTING COMPILATION BEST – Shooting and hunting dogs – Caccia lepre – Chasse lievre Caza[new]

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