Hunting Dog Training

GUNDOG TRAINING. I want to start to control the drive

Controlling the drive at the right time . Putting the dog under pressure is part of the job . Can your dog handle the temptation. With out destroying the drive and desire . Anyone can suppress a dog .

GUNDOG TRAINING Part 2 Chris Bach (grassroots dog training .

I do like this interview

Adding Realism To Hunting Dog Training

How to train a dog to be a hunting retriever needs realism ... and a lot of it. In this hunting dog training video you'll see multiple ideas that prepare your hunting retriever in the preseason dog training context. How to train a duck dog and how to train any hunting retriever typically requir... Read More

Good Will Hunting Online

GUNDOG TRAINING Warning don’t try this at home

Please take note my videos are not all about discipline it's when and how to give discipline. You first need to learn to read your dog and get your timing right first before thinking it worked in the video so let's try it . The social structure needs to also be right .

HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators (2010) Full Movie HD Streaming

HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators (2010) Full Movie HD Streaming Click here to Watch: HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators (2010) Movie, Watch HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators (2010) Full Movie, Watch HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators (2010) M... Read More

Hunting Hounds – A Lot of Hunting Dogs Being Fed

Hunting hounds are being fed after coming back from a successful hunt. These are happy hunting dogs.

Driving out by the duck blind

Gundog Training Labrdor Retriever 20/08/16

Some marked retrieves with Cash 13 month old Labrador Retriever.

How To Pronounce gun-dogs

This video shows you how to pronounce gun-dogs in English.

New bow hunting 2016-Clip hunting condor-Bow hunting 2016

Clip hunting condor Bow hunting 2016,New bow hunting 2016,

Why We Use Gundogs When Game / Rough Shooting

As you can see in the video when we are game / rough shooting from time to time we do not kill the bird stone dead due to human error, in this situation we use highly trained gundogs to mark and retrieve the wounded game straight to hand to be proficient in the humane dispatch of the wounded an... Read More

Gundog Training Labrador Retriever

Marked Retrieves with Cash 13 month old Labrador Retriever.

Minecraft – Get the Achivements! – Ep2 (Mining and Cow hunting)

Today we are on the hunt for diamonds but come back with nothing more that gold, iron and coal, but we make a great discovery! We had cows near our base so we was able to get the achievement "Cow Tipper" we also start a farm to begin a new quest for making bread, and also prepping for making a ... Read More

GUNDOG TRAINING first time in the rabbit pen

Thanks Andy for letting me post this not everyone is willing to show mistakes . It helps others SO MUCH . People should press like to show there appreciation.

The Turkey Hunter – Planning the 2017 Spring Turkey Hunting Trip – Decisions Made

Steve and Dave putting up the duck blind 2011

Nice day I did not know the trouble duck hunters go to

AKC Shiba Inu Puppies play time. High energy. Hunting dogs.

Tough Day in a Small Duck Blind

The blind I hunted out of on this day was definitely built for someone smaller than I. It was nearly impossible to stand up in which made shooting more challenging than normal. This is definitely one of those days I wish I could go back and do over. Music Credit: Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson -... Read More

Hunting Tactical 2016 Hiking,Tactical,Hunting.
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